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A Lady's Delights

Read A Lady's Delights today!

A Lady's Delights - Chapter 1
Cassandra touched the end of one finger to the tip of her tongue, moistening it ever so slightly, and turned the page of her novel. She sighed as the young man it described-- a handsome suitor in the prime of his life, with dark hair and a tan complexion-- leaned the lady of his interests against a tree. Their bodies pressed together in a way that, even though the author described them as mostly dressed, still brought a blush of pink to her cheeks. It was simply scandalous, she thought to herself with a shiver.
"Lady Cassandra?"
The young lady looked up and past the brim of her hat, bent down to shade the fair skin of her face from the warmth of the afternoon sun. Her maid had approached from elsewhere in the walled gardens, smiling as she always did. Skin the color of coffee and cream was half covered by long, black hair, a white scarf tied under her chin to hold its length away from her eyes. Her young figure was wrapped neatly in the
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 2
The Selby estate covered a sizable plot of land outside of Ostinum, the grand capital of Angliea. Buried back some distance in her memory, Cassandra could remember the proud tone her father spoke with in regard to the land. The hill their home sat upon, as well as the grounds around it, had been in the family for untold generations; once, the walls of Ostinum were several day's journey by foot away from their manor, the Selby family known across the countryside for providing room and board for dignitaries traveling to meet before the royal family and its ministers.
Today, the walls were a mere hour's drive, the once-fertile greens between city and home now occupied by tightly clustered tenements and factories with towering smokestacks. At the very least, Cassandra told herself as she walked the grounds behind her home, the now centuries-old trees on the grounds served to hide away from the view the artifacts of the modern, industrial era
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 3
There were few things Cassandra feared more than the night.
It was primal; she knew that. All persons, no matter how refined, no matter how cultured and poised, carried that same dread of darkness the species possessed eons ago in prehistory. It was the reason humanity captured the lightning and transformed its spark into fire; it was the very purpose in civilization: to push back the boundaries of darkness as far as could be managed.
Yet, each night, the night pushed back, and encroached deep within civilization's borders with the setting of the sun. It could be fought in the city, where street lanterns and the lamps of bars and inns still working late into the night, catering to secrets sobbed onto counters or spilled onto mattresses, out of sight and mind of propriety. In the countryside, though, in the hills and woods that still existed largely unspoiled by industry, there was nothing to turn back the night but the dim glow of the mo
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 4
She was right about one thing, Cassandra realized in the weeks that followed: there was no going back from what she’d done the night she intruded upon Estelle.
The other woman hardly spoke a word to her since that night. The silence in the manor was as stifling as the humid summer air outside, and just as impossible to escape. Any attempt she made to speak to Estelle was met with a swift turn and a hasty, wordless retreat by the servant from whatever room the two both occupied. With each day that passed without a word, Cassandra felt a little bit of sense slip away from her.
Anymore, her evenings were spent locked in her library, her chair pulled up close to the fire as she plunged her way into novel after novel lined up upon the shelves. The finished volumes were accumulating in a pile to one side of her seat, and the upholstery was already starting to smell of her sweat from night after night of falling asleep in front of the slo
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 5
A poor night's sleep made no difference; Cassandra still had guests, and she could not simply dwell under her blankets until she was roused out of her bed by the sun climbing higher in the sky or Estelle pulling the bedding away from over her body.
Estelle... she thought of the woman, her servant, the object of her desires, as she descended the steps. What happened last night; what exactly was it she saw taking place in her garden, under the moonlight? All she was certain was that Estelle and Violette were in the gardens together, talking and admiring the flowers. She did not know if one had invited the other, or if they encountered each other by chance; she did not know, further, where they may have gone to once she drew the curtain shut. Did they return to their own rooms, or one or the other's quarters? Her sleep was filled with so many nightmares of the two of them enjoying one another's company that she wasn't sure which could be tr
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 6
Rain poured down on the Angliean countryside. The world outside was dark and grey and without another figure in sight for miles. It seemed to reflect Cassandra's mood, she thought as she stared out the window in her study, arms wrapped around herself. Her own light, her sunshine, her Estelle, was gone and there was nothing left to warm the moments that filled her day. Now they were empty, and the halls and rooms of the Selby manor seemed to echo more loudly than they once did.
She paced around the room, her gaze making sure to avoid the pile of letters on the desk. Her thoughts, however, kept wandering back to them; letters demanding repayment of debts and property taxes owed. Borrowed money kept her estate a float, money loaned from banks, which were owned entirely by Violette Wilemere. It seemed, she thought, that her nemesis had struck back in the most crippling way possible: by pulling her credit out from under her.
To be sure, there
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 7
Days followed one another, stretching into a week and then another, before Cassandra caught sight of the mountains of Ul-Shams on the horizon, the morning of her fifteenth day at sea. The broad, towering peaks were a welcome relief after days and nights of the same endless blue that rocked against the gray, iron steamship plodding its way down the coast of the continent and across the straits that separated the northern and southern shores of the Great Central Sea. Rust red mountains, capped with snow, rose from the thin line of the horizon; hours later, the coastline was more distinct, and she could see the harbors and buildings of Kasabla.
They approached the port and docked by mid-afternoon; the moment a ramp was brought to the ship's side, a team of Shamsi men and women hurried on deck, greeting the crew before making their way down into the cargo holds. Cassandra waited for the crowd to thin before disembarking; she wasn't even offi
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 8
The terrace was silent, save for the occasional rustle of trees brushing against themselves, or against the walls of the manor. Yet, Cassandra thought, the noise of her heart beating, of her teeth grinding down on one another, was deafening.
Lady Asima bint Azhar was Estelle! She screamed inside of her head. No, that couldn't possibly be right! She was simply imagining things, imagining the similarities, seeing her servant's expression in this woman's eyes and lips, in the way she held her head, the way she sat, perfectly posed. It was all a product of the stress of her circumstances, of the embarrassment of being pressed into service like this. She couldn't possibly be her Estelle. It couldn't be right!
"I beg your pardon?" said Lady Asima. Her brow furrowed into a scowl, her hands nonetheless laid neatly over one another in your lap. Her voice, though severe, was level and steady as she spoke. "What name did you call me by?"
"I... I'm
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 9
"Kasi! Wake up!"
Cassandra bolted awake, her body suddenly remembering to breathe as she bolted upright. She clutched her bedsheet to her breastbone, and looked around to find that she was in her room: small, simple, devoid of any furnishings beside the bed itself, a small table beside it, and a wardrobe hardly wider than she was. It was her room, though, and not Estelle's, and she was her normal size again, no longer small enough to fit within her mistress' mouth.
What happened last night? She looked down at herself, staring at the rise and fall of her chest as it slowed into a regular rhythm. For a moment, she wondered if she dreamed up the entire thing: Estelle teasing her, threatening to swallow her up alive, only to pull her captive free of her hungry mouth at the last moment. No; the memory, the sight of Estelle's throat, was too vividly burned into her mind. There was no way it was just some figment of her imagination, as she coul
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 10
She was left struggling to wake up again the next morning. The two weeks to follow, Cassandra found, would follow exactly the same pattern.
Part of her wondered if she would survive to see Estelle's plan start to unfold itself. She woke exhausted before dawn each morning, hovering over the espresso she brewed for Lady Azhar and her daughters, hoping she might absorb the drink's potent wakefulness by simply breathing in the smell of the coffee grounds being brought to a slow near-boil. It worked for a short time, or at least, she pretended it did; as soon as she could get away from serving drinks and gathering up dirty dishes, she would sneak behind the house to nap for however long she could manage before Salima caught her and shoo'd her off towards some other task.
Her body ached. Her muscles and bones strained with every basket load of clothing, with every armful of dishes; her back and her knees sent waves of pain through the rest of
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 11
                Warm drowsiness overtook Cassandra; her lack of sleep, she supposed, had finally caught up with her. She felt wrapped in warmth, as though it were a blanket swaddled around her, enveloping her entirely as she slumbered. She smiled-- at least, she felt as though she smiled-- and gave a deep sigh. It was the first comfort she'd known in weeks, and everything about it seemed even more lovely than the bed she'd left behind in Angliea.
                She floated lazily into a dream. Strange, she thought to herself, that she would realize it was a dream from the inside like this. Everything seemed hazy, like a day in the thick of summer, picnicking along the bank of the Tymes. In fact, she realized as the picture resolved itself, it was summer, and they were along the riverside.
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 12
“While I realize that I lack the tangible resources to move merchandise, my understanding is that you have that access, and the right connections…”
Cassandra leaned against the glass wall of the pendant, the sound of her breath rushing out of her louder than it would normally be because of the compact space. Much of the talk that afternoon was of business, numbers and agreements solidified over tea and light snacks. It was dull, uninteresting talk, but she was determined to remain awake. Estelle was depending on her to be a second set of ears, and she could not fail in that capacity.
Violette was speaking, discussing the financial resources and the business contacts that she possessed within the world-spanning Angliean Empire. “I was under the impression that you had a considerable reach into the wheels that drive Her Majesty’s empire,” Lady Azhar said in reply; she heard a glass set back down onto th
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 13
"I am not going to have you strip my servant bare, in my own home," Estelle said, her voice falling hard on every word, "in my own presence. This is absurd, Violette, and you are casting unwarranted accusations."
She stood fast, stepping back between Dalal and the Angliean bank heiress, arms crossed over her chest, her eyes meeting Violette's gaze without wavering. "We can all talk about this in the morning, when everyone involved has a clearer head. Go back to your bed; I will take Dalal to hers, and return to my own."
"I insist," Violette replied, face wrinkling around her nose and eyes as she stood, toe-to-toe, before Estelle, "on ensuring that she hasn't made herself privy to my personal affairs. My journal has been violated, and my personal letters are in disarray." She pointed towards the disheveled pile of unfolded letters covering one end of the desk. "It is my right to hold her accountable for her actions, so stand aside so I ma
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 14
Rain drummed against the glass porthole that looked out from Cassandra's cell onto the gray, choppy waters of the Tymes, making for a low, steady noise underneath the thrum and bellow of the steamship's engines, further down into the vessel. The view was a few feet off of the waterline, and the murky river occasionally slapped against the thick glass, obscuring the world outside for a moment before sliding back down the hull.
The buildings and church steeples, the great bell towers of the halls of Parliament, the grand, newly built drawbridge over the broad river all rose up from the horizon and came into view out of the cloudy sky as dark silhouettes that gradually took on color and detail. It had been so long since she'd seen a rain like this; showers would occasionally travel up the shoreline, dropping a light rain as it traveled from north to south, around the mountains that stood to Kasabla's back. A drenching rain like this was ent
A Lady's Delights - Chapter 15
The courtroom was entirely silent, and entirely still, for the first time since she entered. Cassandra could hear her own pulse in her ears; could hear the creak of the wooden rail at the front of the accused's stand as her hand tightened their grip on it. Her tongue dragged over her lips, her mouth watering to keep her throat from drying out as she listened to herself speak. Because she was speaking, but stood so far outside of herself that she was no longer aware of speaking the words, herself.
"I plead guilty, your Honor."
Though her eyes remained fixed on the judge, Estelle's hand wrapping tight around the palm that lay at Cassandra's side. "If... If I may, though, I wish to ask the court to attend to a few matters, before my execution."
"Which matters, Lady Selby?"
"I wish to enter a Will before the court, as I've not had the opportunity to do so in these past few years. To be frank, I was sure that I would have a great many years a


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A Change of Position

Sat Oct 18, 2014, 2:20 PM

It's not often I get to give you all a heads up about a major change in my life, but it's definitely a good one, and one I would like to share with you all. Partly because it'll kind-of affect how fast I can finish art for a little while, and partly because it's just really cool.

As some of you may know, art and comics isn't my day job-- I work in an office and handle telephone calls all day. In the past few months, I applied for a different job within the company I work for handling internal IT support and data reporting. I went through a series of interviews for the job a little while back and was initially turned down for the position.

Fast forward to about a few weeks ago. The manager hiring for the position called me back on one of my days off and asked if I was still interested in the job. As it turned out, he found out from another manager I'd interviewed with about some things I've been working on to better manage the stress and pressure of my work, and wanted to reconsider me for the position. We sat down to a second interview and he let me know that I should hear something back from our HR department with a decision in the very near future.

This past Wednesday, I received another call, this time from my HR manager, officially offering me the job. Everything was signed off on yesterday, and I'll be going through a period of training before officially starting the new position on November 10th.

This is really awesome on so many levels. One, that I was promoted-- that people have recognized the work I've done so far and that it influenced people elsewhere within the company to hire me to work with them. Two, that it will be a raise for me-- a small one up front, and a possible additional raise early next year based on how well I do to start with. Three, that I will-- for the first time in my life-- be working a standard, 9-to-5, Monday to Friday, schedule. No more working weekends!

As a result, that's going to slow down the pace of my work for a little while-- partly because my training will take place on some of my days off for the next week or two, and partly as a result of adjusting to having a two day break each weekend, instead of three days in the middle of the week. Rest assured, though, my work here will definitely go on-- I'll be getting started on the Art Pack you all voted on in the next few weeks. I'm also planning a comic for sale in the very near future, the details of which I will share with all of you once I have some more work done on that. Also, while I am getting a raise, your commissions and contributions to my Patreon do still go a long way to helping me out, so please still consider contributing to either.

So, mostly, this journal is just to brag a bit. But hey, I think I've earned a bit of that. Woo! Go me!

Into Apadine - 05 by MukatKiKaarn
Into Apadine - 05
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We arrive at our destination, deep in the pit of :iconelythe:Elythe's Apadine's stomach! This is where our journey ends, to be digested inside of her as a snack to sustain her body.

Perhaps. Or maybe we will continue, if enough of you want to see things go on. (And, naturally, if her creator approves!)

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I am 27 28 29 year-old living in tiny apartment in a little big city in a parallelogram state that I wasn't born in but is certainly comfy enough. I work all night, but not as a lumberjack, and instead of sleeping all day I spend my time drawing crazy pictures, loving my wife, and doing the housework. Not necessarily in that order, but occasionally all at the same time.

I mainly draw sci-fi and fantasy comics and illustrations, most with something of an erotic bent. If you have absolutely no idea what this vore thing that I draw so much of is, I might suggest you check out DVArtists Vore Dictionary to find out what the heck we are so obsessed with. If you're curious as to what the heck I enjoy about it, drop me a note and ask; I love talking to people about it.

In fact, say hello for whatever reason; I'm shy in real life, and I find it easier to have a conversation online than I do face to face. But if you ever do want to see me sputter awkwardly, keep an ear out for any conventions I might have a table at!


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